Perms in Upper East Side NYC

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Perms in Upper East Side NYC

Hair PERM Stylist in NYC

Perm Hair Stylist in Upper East Side NYC If you are looking to get a hair perm treatment in Upper East Side NYC, Armando Piņa Hair Salon is a professional hair perm specialist providing clients with outstanding hair services. Hair perms are a great way to alter your hair’s texture and provide you with an effortless look for weeks or months to come, depending on how often you cut your hair and its length.

When most people think of a perm, they automatically envision extremely tight curls, but perms can be adjusted to provide you with the exact curl and body you desire.

At Armando Piņa Hair Salon, we are dedicated to providing our clients with perms they will love. Using different sized rods, we can perform endless looks from loose waves to a corkscrew curl to spiral waves and more. Our perm hair professionals will discuss the type of wave you are looking for and strategically put in the right sized rollers tailored to your wave’s needs.

Twenty-eight hours after getting a perm, your perm should be fully relaxed. The curls or waves will not be as tight and will drop slightly for a beautiful finish.

For more information on permanent hair treatment in Upper East Side NYC or to make an appointment, call Armando Piņa at (212) 207-4434!
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